Can NIS Help Me?

Specialising in acute pain and chronic illness the Neurological Integration System (NIS) uses the latest scientific research at a cellular level to address CAUSES and not symptoms. ONLY by addressing your health at cell level can you achieve optimum sustainability.

Who is NIS for?
NIS is suitable for the whole family!  Over the last 20 years practitioners globally have been using the NIS system in practice, treating a wide spectrum of symptoms/ complaints. 
Your practitioner is accessing the brains intelligence, though a muscle test and proprietary integration method - developed by Neurolink.
The approach is safe, non-invasive, non-manipulative, so it is therefore suitable for the newborn baby through to the very aged, and those that are very sick or injured.  
NIS is one of the safest methods of healthcare available.

How long will the results last? 
Each case is unique, and treatment findings will vary from person to person - even for two patients with the same issue.
Results can depend on the length of time the person has had the complaint, the severity and the age of the person.
There are some complaints that should only need to be addressed once (over the first series of treatments).
But as we go though our daily lives we are continuously exposed to external stresses that can sometimes overload our body systems causing new issues to arise. 

The key is be pro-active, to have regular ‘check-ups’.  If you are going away on holiday, or you are going through a stressful time at work have a check-up.  It is important to make sure you continue to operate at optimum potential at all times!