Belconnen Allied and Natural Health


Come and see us at Belconnen for an integrated approach to your health. Our team offers a wide variety of therapeutic options in a central location amongst the new health provider offices at the Loop Earth Building, Belconnen Markets.


Do you have an injury, acute or chronic pain?  We offer gentle Chiropractic, Remedial, Sports, Thai amongst other massage therapies such as Myofascial Release, Active or Traditional Thai stretch sessions and Lymphatic Drainage. Battling with chronic nerve pain?Frequency Specific Microcurrent can improve neural range of motion and decrease acute and chronic inflammation.


Need more energy?  Our Lucy Rose Clinic Naturopath specialises in thyroid and hormonal conditions to help you lose weight easily and power through your day.


Do you have a child with allergies, learning or social difficulties or is often home sick?  Speak to us about kinesiology to balance the brain, check for aggravating foods and identify sources of low immunity.