An Integrated Approach to Your Health and Wellness

 At Being In Health you can be assured of comprehensive care and therapists who work as a team to ensure you receive the most appropriate care for you as an individual.  Below, you can meet each therapist and find a little about them. Click on the links under their profile to find out more about their techniques.


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Rachel Sciberras


  • Gentle Wholistic Chiropractic

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  • Kinesiology (NIS, NOT, NET, AK, IBD, Functional Biochemistry)

  • CORE Informational & Rife Frequency Therapy


Appointments Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

ph: 0488 113 447



Chantal Jackson

Chantal Jackson is a Somatic Experiencing®trauma therapist and counsellor. She includes bodywork into the trauma healing work for those whom it supports.

Other services: Life coaching, AromaTouch essential oil application, relaxation massage.




Appointments Mondays

Somatic Experiencing®is a trauma therapy that taps into the innate capacity of the body to heal from trauma and the effects of chronic stress. Chantal specialises in chronic illness (such as CFS and Fibromyalgia), chronic stress (including anxiety and depression), developmental (childhood) trauma, surgical trauma and recovery.

Chantal is a member of PACFA and Massage Association of Australia (MAA).