What is Meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice, which is popular today for its far-reaching effects on mind, body, and soul. At its heart, meditation is a collection of simple techniques which usually result in calming and focussing the mind and relaxing the body. Whilst many meditation practices originate from spiritual traditions, meditation itself is not religious.

There are a huge variety of meditation techniques available: Many focus on the mind, but some focus on the body; some use sound, taste, or movement; still others involve visualisation; and then there are mindfulness practices which can be integrated into daily life. No single technique suits everyone; instead you will find some practices which really appeal to you, and suit your lifestyle and goals for meditation.

How can Meditation help me?

During meditation, you learn to observe what is happening in the moment, and to let go of controlling the things and people around you. 

People who meditate regularly:

  • Tend to have more positive emotions and are less moody and irritable

  • Are less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression

  • Have improved immune system function, lower cholesterol levels, and normalised blood pressure

  • Are able to relax deeply

  • Are more able to cope with pain

You'll learn to listen to yourself more, to pay attention to what you need, and notice what is doing you harm. In the process, meditators tend to become healthier, happier, less stressed, and more at ease in the world.


Private lessons work well for those who:

  • Want to learn a specific style of meditation (e.g. mindfulness, mantra, walking, breath-meditations)

  • Want to start meditating, and need help setting up a personal practice that works for them

  • Are having trouble with meditation and need practical help or accountability to get through difficulties they are encountering in their practice

  • Prefer individual attention at a time to suit them

  • Want to get started right away

Group classes are well suited to those who:

  • Want to learn on a budget

  • Want to learn alongside other students, or enjoy group meditation

  • Want a regular weekly time to practice

  • Want to explore a range of different meditation styles